Monday, May 14, 2012


Finally whipped out my contribution to the SPCA show at a local art gallery! All proceeds go to help the animals, yay! Wanted to paint a pug because THOSE WRINKLES, so fun! :)
Done in gouache in 7-8 hours.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


For a while I've wanted to try painting something (or someone) with interesting lighting, so when I was babysitting Alexa, I saw the pink light reflecting from the swing onto her and freaked out. Then I took about a gazillion photos for reference. :) 
Done in ArtRage in about.... 6 or 7 hours total over a few days.

Here's the photo ref I used!
Isn't she so cute? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3D Design and Figure Finals

My final for Figure Drawing was to caricature an animal from the Jungle Gardens Zoo near Ringling. I chose the crocodile. And I chose to make it fat.

For my 3D final, I had to sculpt, paint, light and photograph a character and their environment. So I made a Jellyfish Sorceress. She glows. A lot. :)

This was an awesome year, college is amazing and I can't wait for the next semester to start! I'll be working on learning things on my own and continuing to sketch all summer. But for now, I'll be drinking a crap-ton of Earl Gray tea and watching TV to make up for the stress of finals week. :) Have a good summer everybody!

Second Semester Perspective

Now that second semester has ended, I finally have all of my perspective class projects scanned and ready to post, here they all are in order! :)

First Assignment: Strangest Place You've Been

I chose a family member's basement which I had to spend the night in. It was full of porcelain dolls and gave me the creeps. Yikes!
Watercolor and Pen

Second Assignment: Architectural Study in Complementary Colors.
I went quite overboard on the saturation, it's way way to bright! Ah well.
Marker and Colored Penci

"Girl Scout Cookies"
Third Assignment: Playground Takeover, portray one group taking over the turf of another
Girl scouts are determined, old folks homes are vulnerable to cute children. 
Ink wash and colored pencil

"Ruffnut and Tuffnut"
Fourth Assignment: Invented Domicile of a Known Character
For this one we had to take characters from a tv show or movie and portray where they live based on the style and feel of the movie. I chose Ruffnut and Tuffnut, the viking twins from How to Train Your Dragon!
Acrylic Paint and pen

"Midnight Read"
Fifth Assignment: Monster in the Bedroom
For this one, I wanted to portray that feeling I got as a kid when I stayed up late reading. I always felt like when I came out from under the covers the monsters would be there to get me because I was so guilty about staying up late! :)
"Hunting Lodge"
Assignment Six: The Trojan Horse
For this project we had to come up with an interpretation of the Trojan Horse story. I decided to stick to my childhood rural surroundings and go with animals getting revenge on the hunters! :)