Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zombies, Damsels and Lovesick Teens

Designing a lot of characters and whatnot for Concept and CA! Lots of fun!

Two Story Pitches for Concept II, both based on fairytales, Thumbelina and Sleeping Beauty! The class told me to go with Sleeping Beauty for the animatic!

So character designs ensued!

Computer Animation Sit/Stand Ideas:

(girl get's bitten by a zombie, sits down and dies, then reanimates as a zombie and shuffles away)

(Lovesick teenager is grounded and can't go out to see her beloved, then a rock hits her window. She sees him down below and climbs out of the window)

 I wanted to do a zombie walk, but my teacher picked the teen. Excited to model her though!

Just need to do a turn around of her and model her in sculpey, yay! (oh and model, rig, animate and render her in maya, yeah that too)

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  1. Haha I love your character facial expressions! They're always so delightful to look at ^o^